MSUPoet's is designed to be an organization specifically dedicated to poetry and spoken word. Its' primary purpose is to create a safe space where people can come together and share their truths unapologetically and without feeling insecure. The secondary purpose is to provide a writing space, where students can come together and cultivate their writing and performance skills and have venues to perform and share them with others. 


MSUPoets was founded in September 2014. The first meeting was held outside of the university student center, around 9PM. Weekly workshops were held every Thursday in the Earl S. Richardson, library conference room. Even in the first year, the organization was able to maintain a steady attendance, and even a few guests, such as Baltimore's own Slangston Hughes . 

In spring 2014, the organization applied to be an official organization. The following semester, the application was approved, but not without struggle. Rooms were hard to book, and the library option was closed.   

MSUPoets continues to be a safe space where people can share poetry and spoken word.



email: msupoets@gmail.com